5 correct ways to apply and use beauty eggs

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As one of the most popular makeup tools in recent years, the main function of the egg is to push away the foundation. The egg-shaped design is easier to grasp, and there is no diamond angle design can also let the face of the foundation products and skin into one, so that the skin is more thin and comfortable. But how to use it to get the most out of it?


What kind of products are beauty eggs used for?


You can use it for liquid foundation products, but it can also be used for powder products, including foundation, concealer, touch-ups and so on. It can be used for makeup application and highlighting. That’s why it’s called a universal sponge. In addition, the egg can also push the product more evenly, even the finger can not reach the location, such as the sides of the nose can be well coated. This is why some people also apply eye creams, or skin care products such as serums.


How can I use a beauty egg to make my foundation more smooth?


beauty eggs


The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your skin type is not too dry. Whether you use a powder or liquid foundation, dab a small amount of foundation onto your face and apply it with a light tap.


For a more subtle look, it is recommended to use the tip of the egg and apply it to the nose and mouth in a patting, dabbing or pressing motion to make the foundation more natural and to increase the tightness between the foundation and the skin.


Does it work better when the egg is wet? Yes! If you dip the egg in a little water before using it, it will work better! In fact, if you add water, you will save even more when you use it! Just soak the egg in water and squeeze out the excess water, adjusting it to your preferred humidity level. Of course, remember not to let the beauty egg too wet, it will affect the effect of the base makeup.


How do I store the eggs after use?


The best place to store your eggs is in a cool, ventilated place, never put them back in the drawer or case. The moisture contained in the product cannot evaporate in an airtight environment and will shorten the life of the egg. Therefore, it is best to clean the egg with water after each use and then put it in a cool and ventilated place to let it dry naturally.


How to clean the egg?


There are many brands that have cleaning solutions for cleaning beauty eggs, and there are also cleaning solutions for makeup tools available in the market. Also, many beauty professionals and makeup artists use baby shampoo or other mild and neutral cleaning agents to clean the eggs. It is best to simply clean them with water after using them on a regular basis, and to focus on cleaning them every week. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that every 3 months to 6 months, the beauty egg should be replaced once, so that the best results.


Finally, if you want to make the average life span of the egg longer, be careful not to scratch the tip of the egg with your nails. The first few times you wash the egg, the color may come off, this is normal, after a few more times the color will lighten, but will not come off again.

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