9 quietly elegant flower modelling necklace

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This time, Nikisho is sharing 9 floral necklaces to add a little color to your neckline.


Tiffany sapphire flower necklace


This necklace makes you feel as if you are walking among flowers. The jewelers hand-inlaid white diamonds and colored sapphires to create three unique floral patterns. Exquisite gemstone flowers and platinum vines, cleverly around the neck, as if dancing in the warm breeze.


Tiffany Seurat flower pendant


This charming pendant is inspired by the pointillism paintings of post-impressionist artist Georges Seurat. Tiffany’s artisans were inspired to create petal-like Mosaic masterpieces in the Style of Seurat dots, using coloured sapphires, turquoise and diamonds.


Dior Rose necklace


floral necklaces


The most ingenious inspiration comes not from the flower itself, but from its stem, which is reflected in the rose jewelry collection; The twining of the rose stalks makes the jewelry exude tenderness and poetry, like a romantic declaration or a symbol of eternal love.


Cartier orchid necklace


The orchid that represents feminine feminine beauty is Cartier sign and one of inspiration sources, Cartier interprets the delicate beauty temperament of the king of ten thousand flowers with perfect craft, express its exquisite petals with precious material. The orchid pattern first appeared in Cartier design in 1925 and today has become one of the classic elements of the brand’s jewelry collection.


Yellow necklace with white crystal diamond and lotus


Loto series is made up of lotus fairy. The necklace combination is made up of yellow and white crystal diamonds. It is simple and personalized. Set off the 402 white round crystal diamonds, like the Loto fairy dancing in the lotus, show the dazzling light, send out not vulgar reiki.


ARTē Lavandar purple necklace with white crystal diamond and Lavender


With 232 small white round diamonds twisted into the delicate branches, Lavandar fairy at will to scatter eight lavender flowers, horse eye shape of lavender crystal diamond petals with light yellow crystal diamond stamens, send out a light romantic feelings. Matched with lavender earrings, rings and bracelets, especially Lavandar fairy general, showing refined refined temperament.


Chaumet hydrangea necklace


The precious hydrangea is known for its infinite variety of forms, from corolla to bud. Chaumet uses hydrangea to show that the brand has always been good at transforming naturalism into the style of a jewelry collection, carefully focusing on the characteristics of flowers, and caprices among the round or long petals of delicate brocade clusters. It takes time and effort to carve into the hydrangea flowers, with the combination of different strength and elegant posture and birth.


Van Cleef &Arpels flower necklace


The use of irregular inlaid with different colors of diamonds, so that each flower looks more lifelike, vibrant. In every flower the gems and golden stems and leaves can reflect more light, showing infinite light.


De Beers Wild Flower necklace


Delicate and charming flowers are not only a symbol of beauty and purity, but De Beers’ Wild Flower is inspired by the concept of “Wild Flower”, which turns lifelike flowers into sparkling diamond jewelry. Simple and natural petal modeling, with closely inlaid diamond embellished among them, give a person a kind of pure and fresh primitive aesthetic feeling.

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