Beret PK newspaper boy cap, who wins or loses, you have the face has the final say.

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With the alternation of summer and autumn, nikisho’s biggest worry is not to start with seasonal clothes, but his hairstyle that is disturbed by the autumn wind every day. So if you want to choose one of the most urgent items to buy this autumn, I think it’s a hat that can keep out the cold and wind and concave shape. This autumn and winter, the two retro hat types of newspaper children’s hat and Beret are scrambling to make a comeback. Who do you call for in terms of fashion and practicality?


Popular for a hundred years and still fashionable: Beret


You will find that Berets are still popular no matter how many years have passed. However, the most impressive is the 2017 autumn and winter ready to wear series released by Dior at the beginning of this year. Each look is equipped with the same Beret. Many Berets can also be seen in the autumn and winter series of other brands.


Bally’s aw17 collection


Berets have been popular for more than 100 years since they joined the cross-border fashion circle of military hats. Because of its simple collocation and strong plasticity, even Monroe and the fashion icon twiggy of the 60s are also its number one fans.


Therefore, berets, which recover every autumn and winter, are still the preferred accessories for most fashion elites.


Classic strong return: newspaper children’s hat


In addition to the beret of “Immortality” in the fashion circle, nikisho found that the fashion essence of wearing newspaper children’s hats was not too much outside the newly concluded New York Fashion Week show! It’s a rhythm to steal the limelight.


At first, newspaper children’s hats were worn by some little boys selling newspapers. Later, they became fashion items. After that, the playful and neutral atmosphere has been retained. So far, the newspaper children’s hat has always been with this retro and neutral feeling. The tough and naughty newspaper cap can neutralize too much sexiness and sweetness, and can be integrated with leisure, formal and other styles, which is not abrupt at all.


Compared with the versatile beret, the newspaper boy’s hat has its own “temper”, which can show the aura of a big woman when matched with a woman’s wrapped skirt suit; When you meet casual Street shapes, wearing a newspaper cap is more straightforward.


It’s also a fashionable item that has been around for a long time. It’s also returning strongly this year. Which one do you choose for the newspaper children’s hat and Beret? Of course, it is the best for yourself! Nikisho chose three faces that are usually difficult to choose the right hat to test the practicability of these two hats.




Round face: the distance from the forehead to the chin is the same as the width of the cheekbones


Beret: √


Newspaper cap: √


Berets are friendly to all kinds of faces, because the changeable wearing method makes the hat itself not too restrictive, and most faces can be concave enough to suit their own wearing method.


In order to avoid making the face look more round, girls can skew the beret to the side. The asymmetric brim can visually extend the lines of the face, which will make the fleshy face look thinner, sweet and retro. The brim of the children’s newspaper hat can distract attention from the facial lines, and the smooth hat crown can weaken the curved lines of the round face. Therefore, for round face sister paper, both tops are worth starting with.


Square face: the jaw is the same width as the forehead


Beret: √


Newspaper cap: ×


For the square face, berets without standard wearing method can play a great role in modification. The method of wearing can visually lengthen the length of the face, so as to weaken the lines of the face. The side wearing method can also make people look softer, but it should be noted that you should avoid wearing Berets back, which will expose the “hard” lines of the whole face and make the square face invisible.


But for a girl with a square face, a newspaper hat with a brim is not easy to control. Unlike berets, which can be adjusted according to the shape and face shape at will, newspaper children’s hats will narrow the width of the forehead, so as to concentrate all the facial lines on the lower half of the face, making the area from the lower jaw to the chin larger and wider.


Heart shaped face: broad forehead and chin


Beret: √


Newspaper cap: √


A beauty with a heart-shaped face usually worries about her too wide forehead. A beret can completely solve this problem. Wear the beret hat above the eyebrows and below the hairline, which can not only modify the wide forehead, but also highlight the lines of the chin. Visually, the face is twice smaller. Similarly, a Newsboy Hat with a brim can also balance the width of the forehead, slightly skew the hat, and thin the face.


In short, whether Berets or newspaper hats are fashionable, what suits you is the best.

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