Bulgari spring necklace makes a woman’s neck slim, sexy and charming. It can distinguish the true and false of Bulgari Necklace in 3 minutes

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The necklace, “love”, which moistens man-made subjective emotions, is the most beautiful encounter between necks, and thus becomes the object of praise in human history. From Maupassant’s necklace to Titanic’s “heart of the sea”, the necklace created the most beautiful encounter in human history and confirmed a series of vicissitudes caused by the necklace. In the depths of this memory, the necklace released a brilliant aura and romantic hormones about love due to the first encounter. As the ingenuity of Bulgari, Bulgari spring necklace also combines a variety of human factors and subjective sexuality. From the modeling design of Bulgari, people find that the popular elements listed in contemporary jewelry can be found in Bulgari.


Bulgari B. zero1 series came out in 1999. Capture design inspiration from the linear design of the Colosseum, the magnificent historical site of the “eternal city”, and release the unique b.zero1 jewelry series. In line with independent innovation and distinctive processing technology, Bulgari breaks the shackles again based on the traditional design inspiration of tubogas. The iconic simple spiral curve shows the bold architectural design style. It is also an excellent representative of the deep historical origin between Bulgari and the “eternal city” Roman Empire.


Bulgari spring necklace


Bulgari spring necklace, in fact, is one of Bulgari’s main products B · zero1 series. Its feature is spring. Therefore, for a long time, we call it spring necklace for convenience of memory. Bulgari spring necklace, its spiral pattern technology comes from the architectural structure, and its design inspiration is also drawn from the architectural type of ancient Roman Colosseum. In the precipitation of time, Bulgari directly analyzed the spiral spring mark, which directly explained Bulgari’s attitude towards jewelry and life path. B · zero1 represents starting from scratch, while the spiral design idea represents remembering the past and looking forward to the future. Necklaces have a necklace attitude, and fashion trends have their own view, which is the affectionate protection given by Bulgari spring necklaces.


Bulgari spring necklace is built with mysterious Roman numerals. In the Colosseum of ancient Rome and the site of ancient Roman buildings, Bulgari actively absorbs the supernatural forces in it and shines in the dust of history with its unique mysterious style. Bright youth must have bright colors and bright decorations. Bulgari spring necklace makes women’s neck slim, sexy and charming, and makes women’s neck shine under the display of Bulgari spring necklace.


Many people’s aesthetic perception of necklaces is still in the initial stage, and they don’t care much about the in-depth meaning of jewelry shaping! What suits oneself is the best. It is also the cognitive ability of contemporary people for fashion trends and the standard for contemporary people to choose jewelry! The great advantage of Bulgari spring necklace is its high degree of recognition and strong sense of recognition. It can very well grasp women’s psychological state and let girls find a unique sense of pride in Bulgari!


Bulgari’s necklace technology is very exquisite. It’s not difficult to distinguish between real and fake objects. Not only Bulgari, it should be said that all luxury brands have their own set of anti-counterfeiting, such as logo engraving, engraving depth and so on. Today, I’d like to share with you the method to identify the authenticity of Bulgari Necklace!


Start with the lobster buckle. The lobster buckle is marked with bvlgarilogo. We need to distinguish whether the logo is laser engraving or casting engraving. Bulgari uses casting engraving at the lobster buckle. The characteristics of casting engraving are deep engraving and smooth bottom. The most obvious point of laser engraving is shallow engraving and noise at the bottom of the engraving font, You can compare the following two pictures to see that one is laser engraving and the other is casting engraving.


Bulgari spring necklace


Bulgari‘s engraving is mainly casting engraving, and the bottom of the casting engraving is very flat, because craftsmen will polish it to a certain extent. By comparing the engraving, we can distinguish which is genuine and which is fake.


There are obvious uneven marks at the bottom of the engraving of fake goods, and the font shape is very rough. In addition to no polishing, the mold used by fake goods is also inaccurate. Generally, big brands have very high requirements for the mold. The mold itself should reflect the logo mark and quality of big brands, and the mold itself also needs polishing, so the mold itself is very expensive, From this point, fake dealers can’t afford it.

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