Cling film and a new trick! Wrap it around your hair, your hair becomes so soft ……

wu meijie Date:2021-09-17 16:41:30
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Cling film you will only use to keep food fresh? This is also too big material small use! Do not believe you look down ~


1, hair care


After applying conditioner to your hair

you may want to put a layer of plastic wrap

Let it sit for a few minutes before removing it

Make the nutrients more easily absorbed

All the dryness and frizz are solved


2, Skin care


Remove blackheads, apply homemade masks

Hand and foot masks are also suitable!

Covering the mask with plastic wrap to protect it from the outside world

It can make the skin care products work better


Cling film


3, nail art


After applying nail polish

rubbing with plastic wrap

It can make a very special texture


4, Lip moisturizer


Dry weather and lack of water in the body can cause lips to peel

Apply lip balm or lip scrub before going to bed at night

Wrap your lips with plastic wrap to moisturize them.

Wake up the next morning with more hydrated lips


5, Clean the partition


Is it too much trouble to clean the refrigerator shelves regularly?

Put a layer of plastic wrap on the shelves

When it gets dirty and needs to be cleaned

just peel it off

Household chores have never been so easy and quick


6, clean the shower head


A stained shower head

It’s easy to fix with just one trick

Apply 1/3 cup of baking soda to the plastic wrap

and 1 cup vinegar mixture

Wrap it around the head and tie it tightly with a leather band

Rinse after 2-3 hours to remove the annoying stain


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