How do you choose to use foundation and brush?

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Foundation brush and makeup egg are all cosmetic tools commonly used in daily make-up. If you want to create the perfect makeup, the power of makeup tools is still indispensable. But there are some differences between the two cosmetic tools. How should we choose the foundation brush and the makeup egg? Take a look at the following analysis!


Shape difference: the shape of the base brush is small, and the brush head has round head, inclined plane and tongue type. The shapes of makeup eggs mainly include water drop shape, gourd shape or cut surface. The shape can meet the basic makeup needs, and the details can also be taken into account.


Texture difference: foundation brush is generally used animal hair as brush, and beauty egg belongs to sponge texture. The powder absorption strength of these two textures is similar, but the powder absorption strength of the sponge can be reduced when the makeup egg is wet.


Makeup difference: foundation brush is more solid on makeup, high Concealer strength, lighter and lighter makeup, and it can create natural skin bright feeling. The makeup on the make-up egg is relatively light, the covering strength is also good, and the makeup feeling is matte and foggy.


Suitable for crowd differences: foundation brush is not easy to control strength, if excessive force is easy to leave obvious makeup marks, more suitable for skilled use; The makeup egg has a large area and fast speed, and the makeup is evenly applied without obvious makeup feeling, so it is more suitable for novices.


Suitable for skin difference: foundation brush is more suitable for dry skin or face without blemish. Make up eggs are more suitable for oily skin and skin with obvious defects such as acne and spots on the face.


The scope of use is different: the foundation brush is mainly used for foundation liquid and foundation brush, used for the makeup part. Cosmetic eggs can be used for blush, concealer, full face makeup and high gloss as well as makeup.


makeup egg


It’s best to wet the makeup egg in advance. After wetting, the makeup is more convenient and the makeup is more natural and delicate.


Spray can be used for wetting. Note that it should not be too wet, and must have a certain humidity and will not press the water out. If it is a newly bought makeup egg, it is recommended to soak it thoroughly with water for the first time. This can make the makeup egg fuller and won’t absorb powder too much. It is also possible to use it directly dry, but the effect is not as good as wet, and it is easy to float powder or take off makeup.


How to use make-up liquid for makeup eggs?


1,Wet the make-up egg with water to squeeze out excess water to keep the make-up egg just wet;


2,take appropriate amount of foundation fluid and apply them to the forehead, nose, left and right cheeks and chin respectively.


3,use the wet makeup eggs to gently remove the liquid from the outside of the island, so that the foundation liquid is completely integrated with the skin without any trace.


4,use the sharp corners of the make-up eggs to apply the foundation fluid to the details of the alar, the eyes and the corners of the mouth, so that the foundation can be completely served.


5,The used makeup eggs should be placed in a cool and dry place and thoroughly cleaned every three or four days.


The above is the difference between the foundation brush and the make-up egg. These two kinds of beauty tools are used by many people. As for which is more suitable for oneself, it depends on the makeup needs of the individual.

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