How much is Tiffany’s six claws a carat? Tiffany six claw diamond ring price list

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Tiffany is a famous jewelry brand in the world. Its diamond ring is expensive, but its appearance value is very high. Tiffany six claw diamond ring is one of the classics. Many friends are curious about the price of this diamond ring. Now nikisho will introduce it to you.


How much is Tiffany’s six claws a carat  


Tiffany diamond ring is expensive, just like a diamond with a weight of one carat, nearly colorless color and high clarity. Its price may cost more than 100000 yuan.


Tiffany six claw diamond ring


Tiffany six claw diamond ring price list


1、 Tiffany setting is inlaid with diamond rings to pay tribute to the legendary design of the 130th anniversary. The diamond arms are covered with diamonds to release infinite bright light. The six claws are firmly inlaid with beautiful diamonds, and the slender six claws will not block too much light. It symbolizes the great love shining like a diamond. I hope the sincere emotion can be firm. The main diamond of this ring can also be freely selected from 6 carats to 15 carats, and the price also changes with the quality and weight of the diamond. It is known that six carats should start from at least hundreds of thousands of yuan.


2、 Tiffany setting single diamond inlaid ring, single diamond six claw inlaid ring, exquisite technology holds the beautiful diamond high above the six claw inlaid ring, just like shining in the air. The price of single diamond is lower than that of full diamond, and the weight of diamond is small. You can buy it for more than 100000 yuan.


From the above Tiffany six claw diamond ring price list, we can know that the price of Tiffany diamond ring is closely related to the quality and style of diamonds. When considering the price, we need to consider many factors to get the accurate price, which can not be generalized. Generally speaking, it ranges from more than 100000 or hundreds of thousands. If the diamond is of great weight or quality, the price will increase accordingly.


Introduction to Tiffany six claw diamond ring


Six claws are called a classic and attractive inlay. Six claws can not only inlay diamonds very firmly, but also make the diamonds on the diamond ring appear larger. Moreover, the six claws are inlaid. These six claws represent responsibility, commitment, care, tolerance, trust and cherish, so they are more popular with young people. Tiffany six claw diamond ring has a long history, because the ring of this brand was established in 1837 and began to emerge in the jewelry street in 1886. It can even be said that Tiffany six claw diamond ring is one of the symbols of its brand achievements.


What if Tiffany’s ring is too big


Tiffany’s ring is too big. You can reduce it. There are two methods to reduce the size of rings, one is to reduce the size by gold cutting method, and the other is to reduce the size by washer method.

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