How to choose winter accessories? You need a durable watch to brighten up your look!

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In addition to earrings, the best jewelry to invest in during winter is a durable and simple watch that can be used for any occasion, not only to tell the time, but also as an elegant jewelry, which is more cost-effective and practical than luxury jewelry. Try to match your winter look with a watch that reflects your taste, and these are some of the brands that can brighten up your look with a simple one and greatly improve your temperament.


MAM Originals


If you want to find a watch that matches any outfit, MAM Originals, a brand from Barcelona, can meet your tasteful requirements. all of MAM’s watches focus on ultra-thin design, plus a minimalist dial with only logos and hands, no unnecessary decorations, very elegant.


In terms of weight, they are also in the ultra-light class and are not cumbersome even with the use of stainless steel. The lightweight strap with a simple dial is very light and elegant, perfect as a business watch or accessory. In addition to the regular steel straps, MAM products are made from high-quality recycled materials such as sustainable teak trees, ebony and gray maple hardwoods …… very distinctive and environmentally friendly.


The unique wooden collection of watches with soft colors brings a feminine and gentle touch to the wrist. The white dial is more fresh, while the black color gives a more mature appeal. When the wood and steel straps are combined together, the different texture is mixed and matched, making it more vibrant and fashionable than the ordinary all-wood watches.


MAM also has a corresponding men’s series, and the entire watch is more rugged than the women’s watches, exuding a civilized and refined temperament. The gift box also follows the same simple and cold route, which is perfect for giving away.




durable watch


It’s always easy to get bored with fancy designs that conform to trends, but simple, versatile and textured watch designs are the constant winners in the fashion world. Minimalist Dutch brand CLUSE is a good proof of this, it is highly sought after by its simple but timeless design. The neutral and simple design makes it look a bit like Daniel Wellington.


The CLUSE is a very popular brand, but compared to DW, CLUSE focuses on large dials and thin straps, and although the style is similar, it has a higher quality and lower price than DW. compared to DW’s more bookish canvas straps, Cluse’s cowhide and metal straps look more sophisticated, and the contrast between the slim wrist and large dials is cool and cute. Alternatively, you can choose a delicate and showy subdial, which is great for mixing and matching with other jewelry.


There are also many choices of straps, in addition to the cool metal straps and black and white gold cowhide straps, the soft macaron color, straight to the taste of young girls. Marbled dial is one of its iconic series, the special texture has become a favorite of young people, with cowhide or steel straps, elegant and classic style. Tired of looking at the overused street DW, to a Cluse to meet your niche fetish.




Minimalist design wants to make a sense of senior, the use of materials is very useful. Swiss brand MYKU is very good at using Italian Carrara marble and onyx and other natural stone made of dials, with Italian leather straps to create elegant watch works. Its hottest selling series is the selling point to create the lucite, natural stone material to create the dial exudes a simple texture, noble feeling, when the light penetrates the lucite surface, reflecting the light to show the understated elegance.


Each dial is meticulously polished by skilled craftsmen according to the precision of gemstone cutting, so that hardly a single dial with the same pattern can be found, perfect for those who like to be unique. In addition to the elegant lucite, the mysterious black onyx and sapphire crystal are more subdued, as well as malachite and obsidian, which reflect a unique luster. …… is beautifully shaped and colored, and the solid-colored leather strap is designed to bring a charming sense of elegance and permanence. Don’t look at the natural material makes the watch mixed with a hint of formal sense, change a colorful leather wristband can make the watch instantly lively and vivid a lot.


Still wondering what accessories to wear in winter to attract attention? Choose a practical and versatile simple watch is the most appropriate!

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