I heard earrings reduce swelling? If you say so, I won’t be sleepy!

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If you like to follow the entertainment industry, it’s not hard to find that fashionable actresses have one item that is very adaptable – exaggerated earrings! Recently it has been extremely popular, all of them are fashionable and small face, simply the god of the swelling class! So today let’s put on the most suitable exaggerated earrings for ourselves, stay up late and be the most beautiful fairy!


How to choose


Follow the trend of 2021


When it comes to Hoop earrings, you may be a bit unfamiliar, but to say its another name – hoop earrings, it can not be more familiar! It is the collective name of the hoop design earrings, popular in the 1970s, the shape is simple but has a hippie unrestrained temperament, very retro disco style.


From 2016 on the popular super-long earrings fever continues today, this not only modifies the face, but also highlights the sense of the neck line, making people look more competent and stylish.


The pearl earrings have been popular since the 17th century, or else there would have been the “Maiden with a Pearl Earring” that is celebrated to this day. Only then the pearl earrings were small and elegant, but today, the richer people wear the pearl earrings the bigger (not), the bigger the more fashionable, do not believe you look at the 2019 fall and winter earring trends, the model’s pearl earrings into WiFi-style progressive become larger.


Of course, if you are a cool enough person, want to break the dullness of the daily dress, you can play earrings mix and match like the supermodels of the major shows, left and right can be different, but the style should be unified. The size of the right and left earrings mix and match, one long and one short, a small and a large are very chic and beautiful!




How to wear?


The best is the one that suits you!


Round face – long / dangling type


A girl with a round face has a round face, a sweet look, and a lot of affinity! But because of the lack of angularity, the face line is too soft, so the lack of delicate and hard feeling ~ this type of face shape girl can choose long or dangling earrings, because this kind of earrings can elongate the face line, visually play a role in slimming the face. In addition to this you can also choose geometric shape obvious large earrings, the use of geometric sense of contrast, so that people look more comfortable senior!


Square & diamond shaped – earrings with soft contours and curved shapes


Square and diamond shaped faces are put together here because both face shapes are very angular! For these face shapes, you can try earrings with soft angles such as hoop earrings, pearl earrings, etc. that are looped, curved or curved.   Especially the diamond face girls, because the cheekbones are more prominent, you can pick some design more complicated or itself very bright earrings accessories to confuse the visual focus!


Melon face – teardrop / fan-shaped, avoid triangular hexagonal


The girl with a melon face will look relatively soft and feminine because her face is in the shape of an inverted triangle, so it is more suitable for earrings that are proportional to the shape of her face, that is, the style that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, like teardrop-shaped, fan-shaped earrings. However, it is important to avoid sharp shapes like triangles!


Goose egg face – any shape, try the chic style


The most enviable face shape is definitely the goose egg face! This face shape has a good proportion and soft lines, so the owner of a versatile face just needs to pick his favorite style according to his preference ~ but PC Sauce especially recommends those earrings with chic design and light, so that they can match your unique beauty!


How to buy?  


It’s all about being chic and not clashing with the ring!


Rachel comey


Rechel Comey is a niche brand with “knowledge, art and craft aesthetics”, and they have shoes and clothes in addition to accessories. Of course, let’s focus on earrings here, where the material is mostly resin, so the colors are richer, and the shape is relatively simple and generous. Good use of geometric design, also looks interesting and fashionable, especially suitable for fashionable people who like Scandinavian style.


Sleep Over Sleep


Sleep Over Sleep is a British independent designer brand that offers not only earrings but also clothing. Their style is very shiny and girly kind, anyway, after a glance immediately ordered!   They have a lot of vintage bead strings and blingbling crystal flower design. If you like it, you might want to get started quickly, because it’s really easy to sell out.


Well, today’s fashion swelling class is here to cover! The big earrings you want are for you to check out!

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