Swarovski dream angel necklace, break straight male aesthetic

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Once a girl has something she likes, she can be in a good mood for days. Recently photograph was in necklace of modelling of angel of dream of swarovski, acquired decisively, really the person sees person kua too beautiful! This necklace, whether I first saw it, or wear it every day again, will feel too amazing! This necklace is a gift I gave to myself. I was lucky enough to see this man, and I sent this necklace to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. I can already envision the picture, and I believe that she will definitely change your straight male aesthetic. Without further comment, I would like to share with you my assessment of this necklace and see why it won her heart.


brand evaluation


Gifts, of course, to send big brands to have a face, like Swarovski such a name, everyone is familiar with the international brand, completely take. At the beginning of the 21st century, Swarovski’s imitation crystal stone has been recognized around the world, and is regarded as the embodiment of high quality, bright and dazzling, and highly accurate, so the jewelry it makes not only has an exclusive sense of design, but also the dazzling light of imitation crystal, so that girls can’t move their eyes!


design sense assessment




Swarovski is the most classic swan necklace, but the pursuit of extraordinary I, of course, love this treasure cherub necklace. Because the little angel is an abstract design, when viewed from a distance, you can taste the design with a very symmetric aesthetic feeling, and when viewed from close up, you can be more amazed by the shape of the angel.


The little angel not only has the lines of the golden ratio and the classic symmetry processing, but also adds the symbolic halo of the angel in the head. Such a small clever design, people can get the soul of the dream design at a glance. I have to say that compared with the figurative design necklace, this kind of abstract necklace that can bring people to taste the space really has a sense of design. When WEARING it, I just want to say: I am too tasteful!


material evaluation


Grade is design feeling will reveal not only, more important is material of course. Since it is swarovski’s necklace, the soul of course is its home from Austria made of imitation crystal. The cherub main part of this necklace is made of imitation crystal stone, and its extraordinary texture reveals a sense of high quality. Because swarovski has a unique cutting method and faceted arrangement number, so just let the imitation crystal stone has such pure light, with such imitation crystal to create the little angel, as if the angel is really pure and shining, just want me to be immersed in such a beautiful.


The chain of the necklace, as well as some of the details of the cherub, and the halo, is plated in rose gold, which is so feminine! With rose gold can foil cherub not only shine, still accord with the elegant spirit charm of the woman very much, this material is chosen too wonderful indeed!


Since I bought this necklace, I almost wear it every time I go out, whether I’m wearing girlie, casual, or commuter style, this necklace is perfectly matched. Joker Max! Straight men feel free to choose it for the goddess! Girls received such a smart and refined and design sense of the necklace, it is really hard not to move oh!

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