The diamond ring proposal originated from Tiffany

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In 1886, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany launched the world’s first six claw diamond ring, and named it Tiffany setting under the brand name. It is this company that has turned diamond ring proposal into an engagement tradition all over the world. Tiffany has become a real synonym for “true love”.


Tiffany setting: “diamond ring in diamond ring”


Today, the well-known engagement diamond ring was introduced by Tiffany in 1886. Tiffany once dreamed of having a perfect ring symbolizing the sincere love and vows between lovers. As a result, Tiffany setting Tiffany six claw inlaid diamond ring was launched. Tiffany became the inventor of the six claw inlaid diamond ring admired by countless women today.


This is the most respected ring in history. It can be called “the diamond ring in the diamond ring”. Its incomparable brilliance makes it a well-known model of engagement diamond ring and a perfect witness of true love. Audrey Hepburn, the heroine of the classic film breakfast at Tiffany’s, wrote a letter to the company on the occasion of Tiffany’s 150th birthday, specifically referring to Tiffany setting Tiffany’s six claw diamond ring and praising it as “classic and eternal”.


Tiffany’s six claw inlaid diamond ring is unique and its brilliance is unparalleled. This unique six claw inlay design inlays the top quality tiffany diamonds on the platform with six claws to reflect the dazzling light and show the gorgeous color of the diamonds to the greatest extent. Tiffany ®  Setting Tiffany six claw inlaid diamond ring can always stand out and become the focus of attention in an instant. Among the crowd, the brilliance is hard to hide, gazing from a distance and shining.


There has never been a jewelry design like Tiffany ®  Setting Tiffany six claw inlaid diamond ring generally has such a profound impact and has won such a wide popularity. In love stories, movies or real life, you can always see the Tiffany blue box in the Tiffany blue gift box ®  Setting Tiffany six claw inlaid diamond ring. Since 1886, men all over the world have been advocating and following this romantic Tiffany style marriage proposal tradition – kneeling on one knee, Gazing affectionately, presenting the Tiffany blue gift box that is more than a thousand words to the woman, waiting for the short but eternal “yes”, and looking forward to the moment when the white ribbon slides and the blue gift box opens.




The most beautiful engagement diamond ring in the world


Since 1837, men in love have always gone to Tiffany to look for the perfect diamond ring. This true love token carries the true love and loyalty of a lifetime. A woman will stare at the engagement diamond ring on the ring finger of her left hand millions of times in her life. Therefore, Tiffany diamond ring must be perfect. In fact, it is.


The talented Tiffany design master has followed the profound design inheritance and creativity spanning the century, and has continuously created an extraordinary masterpiece symbolizing true love for more than 100 years – a charming and brilliant engagement diamond ring. In addition to “diamond ring in diamond ring” Tiffany ®  In addition to setting Tiffany’s six claw inlaid diamond ring, Tiffany also has many other original diamond rings with different design styles, including lucida, Tiffany novo, Tiffany soleste, Tiffany embrace, Tiffany legacy, Tiffany bezet and Tiffany harmony. Although the diamond shape and cutting are different, each Tiffany diamond ring shows a unique and extraordinary beauty, waiting to offer a lasting love oath for the only lady.


Tiffany lucida ® After decades of painstaking design, the diamond ring caused a sensation when it was listed in 1999. Tiffany is proud to name this exclusive diamond cut lucida ®, It means the brightest star in the sky. Whether square or rectangular, lucida ® Can strongly attract people’s attention. The diamond crown is cut in layers, and the four corners are elegant and broad, highlighting the dazzling unique charm.


Tiffany Novo ® The design of the diamond ring is inspired by the famous 128.54 carat priceless treasure Tiffany diamond “Tiffany legendary yellow diamond”. Tiffany Novo ® It retains the dazzling brilliance of this legendary diamond and exudes its unique brilliance at the same time. Its unique pillow shaped cutting has inspiration, passion and fashion. The extraordinary and refined style incisively and vividly deduces the essence of Tiffany.


The carefully designed Tiffany soleste diamond ring is surrounded by double rows of diamonds in the outer ring, such as dazzling halo, soft and beautiful around the pillow shaped improved bright cutting main drill. The hand inlaid diamond on the ring highlights the classic elegant charm of the ring.


Tiffany Embrace ™ The name comes from the wrapped diamond surrounded by a bright and beautiful main diamond, which makes every facet of this gorgeous diamond ring reflect romance and charm. The flawless technology makes the bright light last for a long time.


Tiffany’s color diamonds are praised all over the world for their rarity and outstanding beauty. Wearing such an extraordinary diamond ring, you can savor the intoxicating charm and exquisite workmanship, and the unique experience is unprecedented.


Tiffany engagement diamond ring is widely loved by the world for its brilliant light and beauty. Its extraordinary and perfect style perfectly reflects the eternal interpretation of true love and solemn vows for more than a century.

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