These 10 beauty gadgets make it easy to do your makeup!

nikisho Date:2021-09-02 15:52:56
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Beauty gadgets can help beauties to do their makeup better and more conveniently. Today Nikisho will introduce you 10 beauty gadgets that are really super useful, let’s take a look!


1,Muji portable eyelash curler


Not to clip the meat a little cute, short eyelash beauty can also clip out of the curled eyelashes. Portable design clip out of the curvature is the perfect sun flower, the elasticity of the rubber strip is just right casual clip clip will not be right angle, there are spare rubber strips on the tail, the cost performance is sensational.


2,Muji eye removal cotton swabs


The cotton component 100% of the front of the cotton stick contains makeup remover oil. Very suitable for make-up. The product is a portable and hygienic single package each time you tear a belt, highly recommended for eye makeup easy to spend star people.


3, Shiseido 611 pat


The smallest part can also be gently hit, from the smallest part around the nose, to every part of the body can be used. The sponge is very soft and absorbent, and brings a very pleasant feeling while using it.


4, Shiseido 131 foundation brush


Shiseido 131 Foundation Brush, which is at the top of COSME’s makeup tools list, is a brush supervised by a professional makeup artist and researched, developed and produced by beauty experts. Without a foundation brush, you’ll never know how thick the powder you’ll never rub!


5, Daiso eyebrow raincoat


After drawing the eyebrows point to apply, eyebrows will have a little almost imperceptible reflection, and then the day whether you are going to work and play or even nap eyebrows will not come off at all! The first night I used it, I looked in the mirror and was amazed. Since then, you don’t need to bring your eyebrow pencil with you to make up your makeup, and it’s a great way to feel the sky and hammer the ground to cry.


 beauty gadgets


6, Daiso sponge puff cleaning solution


It is not rich in foam, but the cleaning power is strong, in addition to thoroughly clean the powder on the puff, but also to remove the stinky oil smell, mild and non-irritating, wash hands will not be dry. In addition to powder puffs, take it to wash makeup brushes, as well as the gentle does not hurt the powder puffs and brushes, unlike soap will leave a strange smell.


7, Daiso Brush Cleaner


This is a special cleaning solution for makeup brushes contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients to protect the hair, while cleaning, but also to maintain the bristles of animal hair, so that the bristles are soft and shiny. The brush maintenance care must!


8, Kao Unicharm 1/2 cotton pads


Kao Unika 1/2 cotton COSME ranking first, the use of newly developed sponge is moisturizing type cotton, two-layer heart, the surface of natural cotton, the inner layer also has a special pure cotton manufacturing, especially effective close to the skin, the texture is extra soft and smooth, and does not leave residue after use. It is 100% utilized so that your make-up is no longer wasted, and it locks in moisture and moisturizes your skin while cleansing it. After using, the skin is delicate and smooth, not tight.


9, Kose compressed mask


Soft and soothing, simple and effective maintenance, strengthen the whitening effect of the compressed mask. Do water mask necessary baby, the new paper film 15 grain-shaped, mask paper size slightly smaller, with a dip box, practical and convenient. The water-absorbing natural material is used to produce a nearly transparent mask paper, which is thinner than the average paper mask, but the quality is surprisingly good, thin and strong, not easy to rot open. Its biggest feature is to lock the water under the paper film, so that the skin more absorption of the paper film nutrition, and absorption is very fast, very water-saving!


10, Dup magic invisible double eyelid paste


cosme award first, Japan DUP magic invisible double eyelid stickers ~ 120 pieces ~ 0.09mm very thin transparent double eyelid stickers, the best ever, no one! The buried design, even if you go to the beach to play, you are not afraid to see the traces of double eyelid stickers. It is extremely easy to use, if you are a beginner, but also to practice a few times to be able to fluently master Oh ~ super waterproof, oily skin MM generally can also be competent.

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