Tiffany’s 8 hottest classic necklaces, smiley face modern, bubble classic, love sweet

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Since its founding in 1837, Tiffany has become the world’s top jewelry brand and the classic representative of American jewelry design, known to the world today as the engagement ring, in fact, was created by the United States Tiffany company, the most prestigious is the six claw setting design, a simple six claw in addition to the protection of the diamond set firmly, the maximum exposure of diamond fire, is still widely respected.


In addition to jewelry, Tiffany’s original silverware, stationery, and tableware are a source of fascination. Classic design is what defines Tiffany’s work, meaning that each stunningly perfect masterpiece is meant to be passed down through generations. Tiffany’s designs never cater to the ebb and flow of fashion, so they never fall out of fashion, but are completely above it.


The simple, distinctive lines of Tiffany’s jewelry speak of calm, transcendent character and inviting elegance. The designs are designed with excellence in mind, able to draw inspiration from nature at will, leaving behind fuss and artifice in favor of simplicity and clarity. Harmony, proportion and organization are blended into each Tiffany piece, and presented in the most perfect and gorgeous way.


Today we share with you Tiffany’s 8 hottest classic necklaces, there is the T series smiley face modern simplicity, there is also the classic bubble model, of course, there are sweet love, key and other styles. Take a look.


Tiffany necklace


1, Tiffany T series Smile necklace


The distinctive geometric lines of the letters exquisitely present the simplicity and purity of Tiffany’s T collection. The T has a minimalist avant-garde look that can be worn alone or stacked. The smiley face necklace is available in diamond and gold, and in three different lengths: small, medium and large. Probably because of the price, the audience is more or simple plain rose gold style.


2, Tiffany Key Series Petal Key




Tiffany Petal Key, the full form of diamond-set petals surrounded by openwork diamond stamen, contains the promise of modern women to the future, the vision of creating unlimited possibilities. The Tiffany Petal Key, with its diamond-set petals surrounded by openwork diamond stamens, embodies the modern woman’s hopes for the future and her vision of creating infinite possibilities.



3, Tiffany Return to Tiffany Collection Double Heart Tag Necklace


Inspired by a 1969 design, the Return to Tiffany collection is a classic symbol of Tiffany’s excellence. The simple design of the necklace is complemented by an exquisitely engraved double heart shaped necklace that exudes sophistication and elegance. Silver and white and Tiffany blue tone-setting, fresh and natural, is a lot of little girls like the style style.


4, Tiffany Elsa Peretti series Open Heart necklace


The Elsa Peretti Collection Open Heart is a simple, resonant design that illustrates the true meaning of love. This elegant piece is one of Tiffany’s signature designs. This three-dimensional heart pendant, like its predecessor, is an extremely classic and popular style at Tiffany. The heart shape is sweet, but the style has a vintage vibe to it now.


5, Tiffany Elsa Peretti series Diamonds by the Yard necklace


Tiffany blister models, also known as bean models. The classic collarbone chain style, a small one is extremely delicate, when the collarbone chain worn alone or stacked are very suitable. The gold edge of the diamond periphery makes the diamond look big, is its characteristic design, like this style, Cartier’s flying saucer, Dior’s Minirose have a similar look, but Tiffany’s bubble with some vintage flavor more classic and durable.


6, Tiffany Elsa Peretti series Bean necklace


Bean symbolizes the beginning of the sprouting of all things. With the bubble and three-dimensional love is the same period of products.


7, Tiffany Infinity Collection Necklace


The Tiffany Infinity Collection signifies eternal connection, vitality and life. The hand-set diamonds add a touch of glamour to this modern design, and the figure-of-eight design is more associated with love and infinite eternity.


8, Tiffany Heart Necklace


Heart-shaped necklace with diamonds, platinum necklace with round brilliant diamonds. There are small and large models, now the popular heart-shaped style on the market is quite a lot of this is the prototype of the improvement. A heart expressing sweet love is a style that never goes out of style, and straight men always want to save a little trouble and show their love directly with their hearts.


Tiffany’s 8 hottest classic necklaces, T series smiley face modern simplicity, classic bubble models, sweet love, acacia beans, keys and other styles, simple and durable, fashionable and versatile. Large brands of commercial models design or need the public easy to accept simple models.

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