To solve the makeup troubles, these 10 beauty tools are enough!

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There are many little problems in life that can cause us a lot of headaches, and the same goes for makeup. For example, the beautiful lipstick just applied is rubbed off, for the eyebrowless warriors, just a good eyebrow accidentally dip in water and lost, dry well-done disposable air bangs not for a while no shape …… These seemingly insignificant, but all the time remind us that we must show our perfect makeup.


Today, Nikisho will introduce you 10 beauty tools that can solve such small problems!


1,RIMMEL lipstick raincoat


This lipstick raincoat in the Japanese Amazon lipstick category in the first sales, after fully shaken and mixed, lipstick raincoat is a creamy gel texture, after applying to the lips will become transparent a transparent film of oil. The mouth is slightly oily, as if coated with a transparent lip gloss, and when it dries out, it has an anti-discoloration effect. And after applying lipstick raincoat will not increase the difficulty of removing makeup, as usual normal makeup removal can be easily removed. It is simply the rhythm of not painting lipstick star people a hand, strongly recommended!


2,Daiso eyebrow raincoat


A small one is also particularly durable, it is simply a handful of makeup bag essential. Fixed eyebrow shape, lock the eyebrow color, and waterproof and oil-proof function, maintain eyebrows all day not to take off makeup, go out no longer have to fill the tail of the eyebrow. The secret weapon that allows you not to expose the nature of the warrior without eyebrows in front of outsiders, no eyebrow star must be Oh ~ also Jin sauce’s favorite!


3, Shu Uemura partial eyelash curler


I believe that girls who love to brush their eyelashes will encounter the following problems: the head of the eye can not be clamped, the end of the eye clip does not buckle, do not dare to use ordinary eyelash curler lower eyelashes, false eyelashes and real eyelashes layered. Now with this Shu Uemura partial eyelash curler, all these problems can be solved! The edge of this partial eyelash curler is unsealed, so any girl with any eye type can use it. The width is narrow, so it’s easy to clip the eyelashes at the top and bottom of the eye, and it’s also very easy to clip the lower lashes! When you put on false eyelashes, you don’t have to worry about the real eyelashes separating from the false ones, you can use the partial eyelash curler to make the real eyelashes “like glue” and get rid of the embarrassment.


 beauty tools


4,KATE Deep Eyelid Line Extension Eyeliner


This is a special eyeliner pencil for double eyelids, which can also be understood as a very special color eyeliner pencil. It is a light brown, grayish liquid that is used to extend the eyelid line more naturally. It can not only naturally extend the eyelid fold part, improve the phenomenon of different sizes of the left and right eyelid folds, but also can be drawn under the sleeping silkworm as a shadow to use, so that the eyes look more deep three-dimensional secret weapon.


5,Kao catwalk cape iron bangs spray


This bangs spray belongs to the wind and rain resistant type, easily create three hundred and sixty degrees of unshakable iron bangs. Japan’s queen of iron bangs Watanabe MaYou personally tested effective Oh ~ to not give the hair a heavy feeling, to create a sense of air filled fluffy for the vision, long-lasting styling at the same time, but also easy and comfortable to create a fragrant fluffy beautiful type! After using it in the morning, you don’t have to worry about your hair going out of shape all day, your hair is naturally elastic, absolutely no sticky feeling, no hard feeling, your hair is as natural as if you hadn’t sprayed hairspray, but it becomes very obedient!


6,UTENA Shredded Hair Styling Cream


This hair styling cream has won the Cosme Beauty Awards for the first time in a row for hair products! Giant lipstick shape, easy to apply without sticky hands, super cute packaging, mini size, suitable for carrying around. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t stick to your hands. Slanted bangs, ponytail, pill head, the essential tool!


7,MakeUp Eraser Makeup Remover Wipes


No need for any cleaning products, the magic makeup remover towel with warm water, wet, in the face in a circle, you can remove all the makeup, waterproof mascara and anti-color lipstick do not matter, after no need to use cleanser, directly apply skin care products can be! It can be used more than 1000 times, and can be washed in the washing machine with the clothes after use, which is super convenient and super money-saving. It is a must-have tool for lazy, airborne people. It’s really very clean to unload, not residual acne, the almighty bestie personally used after sincerely recommended to everyone.


8, COSMOS eyelashes special folding steel comb


The company’s steel combs are extremely thin at 0.7mm, with each tooth spaced at 0.02mm, with no gaps in the high-density, very fine teeth, whether combing the roots of the eyelashes or the top of the eyelashes is very easy. And the design is very lightweight, folding design does not take up space, easy to carry!


9,Clarins Eyelash Raincoat


This eyelash raincoat is a transparent colored gel, after the application of mascara will not damage the original effect, and regardless of any easy to collapse, not curled, will fall off, easy to halo mascara, followed by a layer of Clarins eyelash raincoat, the next second is the moment to witness the miracle. It is also suitable for girls whose eyelashes collapse and do not curl no matter what, and it keeps the curl in place and prevents smudging.


10,Mamonde Hairline Shadow Powder


Nowadays, grooming is not only limited to shaping the three-dimensional contour of the face, but beauty lovers have already extended it to the transformation of the hairline. This shading powder is available in 3 different colors for different hair colors. The bottom of the hairline powder box also comes with a ball-shaped puff, the texture is delicate and easy to take color, easily fill the gaps between the hair, even if the meat face is no longer afraid of “big bright” hair.

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