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Is said to be first in the history of watches are made to curry favor with the women and, in 1806 in order to win the favor of the queen, Josephine, napoleon as craftsmen made a bracelet can be worn on wrist “clock”, and recorded in the wrist watch in the history of the first Swiss watches, patek philippe to Hungary in 1868 Moscowitz countess women wrist watch, It can be seen how deep the relationship between women and watches is. The decorative function of early women’s watches is very important, and jewelry setting has always played an important role. Although more than 200 years have passed, every year jewelry watches still attract eyeball, increasingly exquisite Mosaic technology and production technology combined, the achievements of modern women’s wrist scenery.






Cheetah styling watch


This year, Cartier Cartier launches 3 China beautiful wrist watch, with iconic cheetah faithful guard precious time. To this end, designers and artisans work hand in hand to make watchmaking and jewelry vocabularies harmonious. From the design to the gold art, and then to the Mosaic process, are to create a lifelike cheetah image. In this new watch, Cartier special match round full dial, so as to foil the cheetah form. Cartier with strict standard selection diamond, then by the craftsman by hand inlaid on the dial. The diamond of different sizes laid with care shows the aesthetic feeling of the material and the blend of light and shadow incisively and vividly. One of the most recommended is the colorful interior enamel. The powder is filled into tiny grooves in the metal, fired in five colors, and finally polished to achieve a natural gradient. The enamel process takes four days to complete. For this watch, it took 15 hours to set the face and case, and 120 hours to set the cheetah. Enamel watches numbered and limited to 30 pieces.




New Happy Diamond watch


 jewelry watch


Chopard Chopard classic series Happy Diamonds series also launched the new best, its outer dial on the half of the hollow layer, 15 clever Diamonds spin and dance, sometimes hidden in the warm and moving mother of pearl shell sandwich, sometimes scattered at the bottom of the watch, bright and dazzling such as diamond waterfall general, very dazzling. The Happy Diamonds is 38 mm in diameter and features an exquisitely clawed diamond that reflects and rotates through the diamond’s surface, creating an attractive glow that is matched by the sparkling Tahiti mother-of-pearl.


The earl


Limelight Gala series


Precious “Rainbow” watch


Count PIAGET first incorporated the Design of the “Rainbow Circle” into Limelight Gala. Five bright cut sarfleis in Yin green (total weight: 0.91 carats) and 37 colored sapphires in shades of crimson, orange, yellow, aquamarine, indigo and violet (total weight: 7.90 carats) surround each side of the case and extend to the asymmetric ears of the chain. The difficulty in making this watch was finding gems that varied in size and color, which was extremely challenging. It takes count PIAGET’s gemologists a long time to find coloured stones that meet the brand’s exacting standards for colour, carat weight, cutting and clarity, which is why this watch is a limited edition.


Gem artisans should distinguish and select gems according to their colors and diameters, then arrange them in sequence to show harmonious and colorful stepwise effects, and use exquisite Sertie Descendu to set them. This Limelight Gala Series auto-attaching watch comes with a 32mm 18K rose gold case.


Product family


The REVERSO ONE reverting series extraordinary chronograph


In 2021, jaeger-Lecoultre will launch four sparkling new Reverso One watches that blend fine watchmaking, art and luxury jewelry to add new color and refined glamour to the collection. The masters of the art of the home of the master people draw inspiration from the decorative jewelry works of the popular 20 century 20’s, design 4 extraordinary best, praise the romantic poetry that delicate and charming flowers reveal.


Flip table back big workshop for product family rich provide freely artificial space art craft, craft masters spend weeks and months of time: the first is inscribed, followed by the enamel decoration, this process need to add different step by step a enamel paint, make works present a rich and subtle color changes, add the deep administrative levels feeling on the vision. Each additional layer of enamel is burned at high temperatures to fix the color, a process that can take several days to complete. In addition, according to the design of the table, to paint or mother of pearl decorative dial, or diamond inlaid embellishment.


Van Cleef & Arpels


Alhambra Four Leaf Lucky series


Watch with hidden pendant


The Alhambra Four-leaf Lucky Collection is a classic of Van Cleef & Arpels from 1968 to the present. Today, for the first time in the Alhambra collection, there are four watches with hidden pendants that hide time in a poetic way. New look back the aesthetics of Europe of 17 centuries, the timekeeping tradition with elegance of remodel pocket watch, integrate timepiece into jewelry pendant in, become exquisite magnificent deserve to act the role of, the jewelry style with extraordinary elegance of assemble family and hidden wrist watch tradition, let a person follow one’s heart to enjoy, need to dial lightly to enchase gemstone only, hide in the dial below its immediately show before.


Alhambra Secret pendant watch, gold, diamond, phet engraving gold dial, quartz movement.

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